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www.Payslipview.com Tesco Online Login.

Before logging in to the Tesco Payslipview portal, make sure that have your eight-digit Tesco employee number with you.

To sign in to your payslipview account, you will also need an activation code too. You can find the activation code at the very bottom of your Tesco Payslip. For a complete breakdown of your Tesco Wage Slip, please see our ‘Tesco Payslip Explained‘ page.


So, how do I log in to Tesco Payslipview?

  1. Visit www.payslipview.com.
  2. Enter your Tesco login credentials in the login boxes. These are your Tesco employee number and the password you made while enlisting, plus the activation code.
  3. For security reasons, Tesco change the activation code quite often. So, before you sign in to your Payslipview account, check that you are fully aware of the current activation code.
  4. The new activation code is given out around the fourth week on your paper Tesco pay slip.
  5. You are then ready to sign in to your payslipview account. Answer the security questions that you answered when you first set up your Payslipview account.

For activation codes or reactivation code requests, you should contact the Tesco Online Payslip Helpline on 01462 652 397 (or ext: 7891 65397), 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

You can also email Tesco HR on [email protected].

I cannot log in to Payslipview.com.

If you cannot log in, then:

  • Check that your internet connection is working.
  • Check that you are entering the correct employ number.
  • Check that you are entering the correct password. Th password should include ateast 1 UPPER CASE letter, atleast 1 lower case letter, and atleast 1 number or special character, so it may vary from your usual password.
  • Try logging in from another device, for example your mobiel phone.
  • Try logging in with another browser, for eaxmple Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Clear your cookies and cache.
  • Check that your CAPS LOCK button is OFF, as passwords are case-sensitive.


      1. I try to pay slip my employe number 3378xxxx branch 83xx SI activate code 3159 please send my last 2 pay slip and p 45 at my home address 04 mons road DY3xxx dudley

        1. Sign in to your Tesco Payslipview account to view your past Tesco payslips online. A P45 should take up to 8 weeks to arrive. If you have waited longer than 8 weeks, after you haveve left Tesco, then contact your Personnel Manager in store, or contact Tesco HR.

      2. Want to view last pay slip… Keeps asking for father’s middle name x best friends… I didn’t give these in the first place….. So why ask for them

    1. I can not see my payslip, because I don’t know my activation code. This is the first time to use it online. I received my activation code 5262 on 6th June 14. since then I never use it. But when I received my bank statement today, my pay was very low even though I worked Easter holiday. Please provide my new activate code. Thank you.

      1. As explained, Tesco updates your activation code regularly, so you cannot Payslipview access with an old code. This is how the 2-Factor verification system works. You will need a new code. For activation codes or reactivation code requests, you must contact the Tesco Online Payslip Helpline on 01462 652 397 (or ext: 7891 65397), 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday, or you can email [email protected].

      1. Tried to login for payslips and it wont let me …keeps saying locked out for …i am using an old activation code and i dont know if i need a new one…HELP

      2. How would I enter my date of birth on the word question section

        20 July 1968

        I have been entering the wrong format and have been logged ou

    2. i have not received a paper payslip. So i have no activation code. I am going round in circles trying to get an answer. Been trying for three hours

  1. I have already signed up for my pay slip with the activation code and made a account but when I try to login said I need to register but the code won’t work now have not been on for months but come to use it and won’t let me put my passwords in just wants an activation code

    1. For security reasons, Tesco routinely changes your personalo activation code. The activation code that you received months ago will most likely be out-dated and you will need a new activation code to activate your Payslipview account.

      1. How can I get an activation code for my payslip online when I’m no longer an employee but need to provide my last payslips for maternity purposes?

  2. I left Tesco in February, I need my P60 but it is not on the sites I have logged on to
    how do I get it

    1. The tax office for Tesco colleagues is:

      Pay As You Earn and Self-Assessment
      HM Revenue and Customs
      BX9 1AS
      United Kingdom
      Tel: 0300 200 3300
      The tax reference for correspondence to confirm you work for Tesco is: 846/T1. However, HMRC does not issue P60’s. A P60 is sent out by employers (Tesco) by mail or electronically in April or May. If you have not received a P60, then contact Tesco HR.
      Note, that P60s are for current employees only. If you have left a Tesco place of work, you will receive a P45, which is all you need for proof of the tax paid whilst working at Tesco.

  3. I m 67 years old I do not understand all this on line wage slip can I receive my wage slip like we used to d the good old fashion days please

  4. i have been trying to register my details into the Tesco payroll web site since its introduction to all staff members. I have had no success as the system keeps telling me that I have entered the wrong code?

  5. I was made redundant from Tesco on 28th September 2019. I want a copy of October 2019 payslip which incorporates my redundancy, but as I am no longer an employee I cannot log into view or print up my payslip. Also, as I have another part-time job and have just started receiving my State Pension I am paying a significant amount of tax and desperately need my P45, as HRMC Tax office have said that any allowances I have left from Tesco will be transferred onto my other job. Therefore, I need my P45 sooner than 8 weeks, is this possible please?

  6. Every time I try to access my pay slip, I can not access it, I am refused access. Pass word incorrect, your account locked…., every time I try to access my pay slip. This is the message I use to see. I am sure I am putting my details correctly.
    What is the use of this system if it is so complicated. We can not access our pay slips, P60 when we need it. This is a pain to us.
    I know company saves money but it makes our life difficult. It is our hard work this company stands high in the market. Please make some thing that is good for the employee as well.

  7. I have been registered it’s been so long, I don’t remember other details so do need to
    re-register, I need to view my payslips need help please thank U

  8. Really bad. Having to start all over, every time I want to view my payslip. Have even tried scrolling back to 1955.

    1. Please contact the Tesco Online Payslip Helpline on 01462652397 (or ext: 789165397), 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. Or email Tesco Payroll on email address [email protected], if you have no access to a code.

  9. The Payslipview.com is pretty dissapointing. I tried 3 times today to login into payslip and each time it tells me it’s wrong login details . You can never get into get copy of payslip

  10. I’ve been trying to log on for days but it tells me I’ve put the wrong details in and I haven’t.

  11. I want Tesco to send me a paper payslip each month starting with this months, as I am unable to access it on-line. thankyou.

  12. why does the Payslipview.com site never work especially the one day before payday when you need to see your payslip as mine is never right

  13. My Tax code is 0T but should be 1219L. I have paid £523 Tax this year to date and need it back in my final payslip please. My last shift is tomorrow. I emailed with evidence of the HMRC Tax Code after I received my payslip for 29 May. I did not receive a reply. The latest payslip for 26 June still shows 0T. Please let me know asap if Tesco have changed my Tax Code for my final pay due 24 July.

  14. You need to make a better system for wage slip all the apps are working apart from the one we need funny that

  15. I am trying to log onto the system to view payslips, the captcha code stares that it is not recognised and the locks me out?

  16. Tried to login to get my payslip on line – actually no body told me that this was how to do it, 1st payslip given to me in June. Using my employee number and activation code off June payslip but computer says ‘no’ wrong activation code probably because there is another payslip for July somewhere. How do i get this?I’m sure this is a very good system as long as you tell employees it is there. Please can you post me the July payslip so I can then try and activate the online system ready for August Many thanks

  17. Hi fantastic details on payslip but why not mention total hours on that period and also pay dates, what dates to what dates


  19. Every month I have dreadful trouble logging on.All my details are correct but it can take hours to actually get into the site.Over half an hour this morning and all the site says is ‘please wait’ Definite improvements to this site are needed.
    Never look for your payslip in a hurry

  20. Continuous error loading!
    Way to many ads for this service!!
    All I want is my damn payslip as I need it for tax purposes etc!!!

  21. The Tesco app is awful, absolutely impossible to work , wouldn’t it be easier to email the payslip directly to the employee using their national insurance number for a security code to open the payslip.

  22. Cannot open my payslip page to check salary, I have changed password, still will not let me in, now states I have tried five time, will be shut down for an hour, will then return to try again, it will state I have entered incorrect password 6 times , then Have to weight for god knows how long. to try again just for it to repeat the same thing that I have now tried 7 times and so on ans so on.
    I have had this problem many times before.
    Please advice.


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