Tesco Payslip Activation Code

Tesco Payslip Activation Code.

Question: How do I find the Tesco Activation Code that I need for logging in to Tesco Payslipview?

Answer: Before attempting to log in to Tesco Payslipview, you must have your activation code ready. The Tesco activation code is the four digit code which is shown at the bottom of your paper Tesco payslip.

You will need to enter your activation code on the second page of the login process on www.payslipview.com.

Tesco payslip activation code
Tesco Activation codes are at the bottom of paper payslips.

New activation codes are released on the fourth-week paper Tesco payslip.

New Tesco employees will always be sent their first payslip as a paper payslip.


For activation codes requests, if you cannot find your activation code, contact the Tesco Online Payslip Helpline on 01462652397 (or ext: 789165397), 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. You can also email [email protected]

Other questions regarding payslips or P60s should be directed to your Tesco Line Manager or email [email protected].


Question: I have received my first pay from Tesco, but Tesco have stopped issuing paper payslips (you get your Tesco activation code from the paper payslip, in order to view your payslip online). How do I get my actiovation code?


Answer: New Tesco employee will receive their first payslip as a paper payslip. The paper payslip will have a activation code at the bottom.


Tesco Payslipview Passwords.

Note: When you receive a new Tesco activation code, then change all passwords, otherwise the system may lock you out.

A good tip for choosing security answers and passwords, is to use all lower case or uppercase for the answers, as forgetting just 1 upper or lower case means that the Payslipview system will block your account.


  1. having trouble login on to view my payslip for the last two months put my personal details will not register then i get blocked could you please help me thank you

  2. having problems activating my account . the field cell its asking me to put in is ‘apparently after 5 tries and its wrong everytime” and tells me i cant try for another hour ‘ i dont what else to do

  3. Have not been able to access payslips online. Used activation code on first payslip (15/11/19) wont accept this activation code

    1. Your activation code will be at the bottom of your last paper payslip. If it does not work, then contact Tesco HR

    1. Your activation code is printed at the bottom of your last paper payslip. If it does not work, then contact Tesco HR

  4. When will my payslip be delivered as it should be here before I get paid and the latest on the day I get paid, I work nights so pretty sure it should be her by Thursday, what’s you’re posting policy and process

  5. Good morning I cannot get to access to my payslip because it’s asking me for my favourite food and I don’t remember fitting anything there for favourite food.

  6. Hi how can I get copies of my 2018 payslips as work have said to call the number which is on here, which just tells me to email for an activation code, I don’t have a problem logging in.

  7. Hi I have tried to get on my wageslips I have put my new
    Clocking in number in put it keeps saying i am blocked. I did use to work for tesco before

  8. Can not get to see my payslip on line. it blocks me out, been trying 4 months to get on and keep phoning the number they arer not in. Am in isolation so I cannot get to my manager to sort it out, so I would please like Payslipview to sort it out so I can see my payslips, please

  9. i have been trying to access my payslips, and i have put the activation code in, but it keeps locking me out. I need my activation reset i think

  10. New temporary employee received paper copy of payslip but employee no. activation code & date of birth not being recognised when I try to register. Branch 2195.

  11. Now I’m being told to reactivate my account and need a activation code. WHY. It’s, by know means easy to get into the payslip site at the best of times.

  12. Have been trying for 2 years to get my payslip on line every time I get blocked went to wages they helped but as soon as I tried I got blocked again I am now losing my temper as we need this to start to book our holidays on line next year

  13. I have been told that I need to look at payslipview to see my holiday entitlement. Every time I enter the captcha code, it says it is invalid and to try again. After several attempts it locks the account for 1 hour. This has happened a few times. How can this be resolved? Do i need to create an account of just put the relevant details in?

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